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Series: Renaissance

Renaissance is about arriving at a place where we look to a future with hope and self-love realized.  Whereas the series All Ways explored a range of emotions in the quest for peace and self-confidence, Renaissance finds that peace and joy.  As Ntozake Shange beautifully wrote about Black girls, "let her be born / let her be born / & handled warmly."

The mini-series, Wings, imagines and abstracts around the freedom and beauty of wings.  Where will you go with your new-found freedom?

Series: All Ways

This series explores themes such as isolation, vulnerability, strength, peace and joy.  It is inspired by poets who speak to the beauty and power of Blackness and Black women.  The name of the series comes from the poem by Lucille Clifton, "Listen, Children."  

Other work

Below are other pieces I wanted to create.  I hope you enjoy them.

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